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Originally Posted by amcross View Post
Sooo.... being that I weigh 120 lbs drenched in sweat with my full trials gear onboard including my full face helmet ... motorcycle weight is kinda important for me, and so is managable power.

Plus, Ryan Young has been kind enough to give advice, and his repeated advice is to lower my compression or ideally get me on a smaller bike. He had Macattack go to a smaller sprocket and we are also going to add additional, um .... base gaskets, maybe?? (sorry, i'm not the mechanic. we cannot add head gaskets b/c those are o-rings on trixter, but there's a gasket lower in the case that can be added to decrease compression.)

Add to that, I have a genetic disorder that makes it easy for me to dislocate joints and a right knee that has had to be surgically rebuilt due to same .... and then dislocated once, a decade post-surgery, thanks to a kick back by my old Beta 125 ...

soooooo.... I'm really seriously considering a smaller bike. I ADORE my gasgas 280TXT (2001). but i played around on a Beta 80 a few weeks ago ... and it's weight and the less bitey power band is what finally got me doing my first consistent wheelies. AND I can start it!

This weekend, i was supposed to ride a GG 80 at TTC, but she wasn't running. Charlie at TTC strongly recommended the bike for me (but his is not for sale) -- saying that my body weight is perfect for the bike; that the GG has more consistent and reliable power band than the Beta 80, several other reasons I cannot quite remember. If it only had a LEFT side kickstart, I'd be traveling the earth looking to buy one!

but i digress...

So, I am starting to keep my eyes open for a Gasgas 80 in good condition that is 2000ish or newer. And I'm looking for advice...

  1. any years to avoid? is there a 'magic year' that they changed significantly (like my Beta 125 .. I have a 1984, where 1983 was still dual shock!)
  2. any concerns, thoughts, suggestions, ideas?
  3. Does anyone here have a SMALL rider in their life that has genuinely outgrown the CAPABILITY of an 80 while competing in classes no higher than the top of intermediate -- and not simply wanted to ride what the big boys ride or physically outgrown the bike weight wise??? (Looking for ACTUAL, first hand, REAL WORLD experience here ... not terribly interested in a lot of raw theory on this data point....)
  4. What's the right approximate price range for one that isn't utterly beat to death?
(NOTE: I am ENORMOUSLY lucky to have both my own personal "automatic starter" for my current ride -- Mike -- and also my own certified motorcycle mechanic to fix basic issues and do cool things like add base gaskets to lower compression -- also Macattack Mike)
An 80 might be a little underpowered, for most anyone over the age of 14... but might be safer for you, as you describe yourself.

And, it Might be worth testing a 125 of any brand. FWIW, I like the 125 gasgas only because we can swap cylinder and piston with a $900 kit to make it a 225cc. But that is me thinking ahead, as if you get going and feel confident and stronger? THen again that means you could sell any bike and add some money after a year or 2 just about as easily...

125's IMHO are relative underpowered, you might like it, in fact when the son of a friend was under 18 and competing on them, there was 100 tricks you did to try to get the power out of it. We have a gal, she and her husband post under tifferes ( I hope she wont feel offended as I keep saying she seems to me to be about 99lbs with gear and rocks in her pockets, lol. rides a 200cc beta and loves it.

lastly, I think you ride any bike for a while, try to get used to some basics, then when you "test ride" other bikes, you have more to go by for your decision.

You need to have a bike that compliments you, I have to have a high powered snappy bike to make up for my lazy otherwise riding ability, lol. when I gas MY 2011 raga 300 pro, I just hang on, it gets the front wheel up off the ground for me, and usually takes me and my 210lb fat arse, and the rear wheel usually on over as well, but I doubt you can kick one of those .

The 80 might just be what you should have. with your fraility, I thik bike maintenence will be crucial, and hopefully cheaper than surgeries, so keep someone that knows what to do, on call to keep any bike you have in TOP shape, so you dont have the kickbacks or hard to start problems...
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