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Originally Posted by toddzacker View Post
I have a question for you or anyone that might know the answer:

Nicole has a KLR250 no electric start. When she plugs in her heated gear it does not work long or at all...the first time she did it did fine but not since. Matter of fact her head light dims also. It just has regular wires going to the battery. Can I just run thicker wires or do I need a new higher amp/voltage alternated for that?

No comments from the peanut gallery on volunteering to keep her warm...I already threw it out there so it's used...

Thanks, Todd

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I don't know the KLR very well, but it sounds like a wattage issue. I'm guessing the bike only makes enough juice to keep the electrics going and to keep the battery charged. Adding the additional draw from heated gear overpowers what juice is available. Not doing your battery much good.

The only way to bump that up, assuming this is the issue, is to get more juice from a larger stator. Not sure if a higher output one is available for the KLR, but I'm sure others will know. It's definitely not wiring. Larger ones won't help. You need more power from the source.
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