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Help Bones pick a 2up/ADV bike

Well now that I am bikeless and married I am window shopping/rambling for a steed. Mrs. Bones has expressed interest in riding pillion and I try to reiterate over and over. "I am not talking around town, I am talking weekend getaways or day trips someplace. If you are not interested I will just buy another dual sport on the cheap and use it as MY getaway bike". I have owned VFRs, Sprint, Bandit, Sportster for touring and KLR, KTM, Husky for 600cc class singles.

I am all over the board and know what I need and that is reliable (so big 3 Japanese manufacturers are getting the nods), parts readily available, home serviceable by a hobbyist that probably should not have as many tools as he does. Pretty much a rock solid, simple bike with the ability to sport 3 pieces of luggage.

New or used (let's say a lofty 12K budget or less), so that means carb or EFI is doable. I have owned both and they have their +/-'s.

In the new market I am hard pressed to not look past the Vstrom 1000 in ADV trim or Super Tenere. While the Tenere may be above my budget I am optimistic a used sorted out one will pop up within a year or so. Hard pressed to see me go down anything but gravel or a dry low maintenance road on any bike I am talking about here, which most are able, some far more than others.

KTM950/990 ADV or a GS might take me beyond some of my needs as far as parts availability and servicing myself since dealers are farther away, I would need to learn a lot more than oil changes and lubing parts.

Used ST1100/1300 are also on the radar for good reasons. Local stealer has a leftover 1300 for $13,500

FJR and Connie are dull like the ST, but damn fine bikes. All would be silly to take off blacktop which would frustrate me on solo rides.

Honda NT700????

Another Bandit 1250 is hard to look past for price and that motor
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