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Biker Stories from the Road

Back by popular demand ... Biker Stories from the Road!
We have headed west again and our ultimate destination is Tofino on Vancouver Island. This trip we have our good friends Jim (Buck) and Cindy MacDonald with us.

Day 1 August 26, 2012
Our first day we made it as far as Brandon where Garth secured us a great deal at the Royal Oak Inn ... $70 for the night and breakfast included (and not just continental breakfast but actual menu choices).
A lunch stop day 1

Day 2 August 27, 2012
Monday we made our way back to highway 2 (and then 13) and followed it along southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan to Assiniboia SK. We stopped in Weyburn SK and had coffee with my dear friend Yvonne and her hubbie Wayne.

The prairies are beautiful right now with all of the wheat fields shimmering gold. The harvest is on so there was a lot to see as well.

You never know what you are going to meet along these highways. Farmers will tow or drive anything anywhere. Huge pieces of machinery on the move. The southern portion of Saskatchewan is great riding ... with long slow turns and valleys. It was during one of those long slow turns ... listening to Sheryl Crow sing "I shall be me .. I shall be free" that I was doing some soul searching and reflecting when suddenly WHACK ... I am abruptly returned to reality and the fact that some juicy bug has committed suicide on my face shield. Yuck, now I am starring at yellow bug guts splattered in my direct line of vision. There is no way to clean it off and there is no way to not make the request to stop to clean it off sound whiney. Biker chicks are not supposed to be whiney! So I just played the "guess what shape the splat has made" game. Soon there was red as well as yellow!

In Assiniboia we stayed at the Wheel Inn Motel and had supper at "Andy's Buffet, Home of the Best Food in Southern Saskatchewan".

The sign boasted food from Canada, America, and Greece. The buffet ended up being Chinese, haha, and the cook is from Vancouver. How on earth she ended up in Assiniboia is beyond me. We picked up some cans of beer and sat outside of our rooms and watched the world go by. We were definitely on the main drag because the same car with a loud muffler kept going by. It was a 29 degree day.

Day 3 August 28, 2012

Morning in Assiniboia SK

Today we made our way south across the border to Montana. Lots of fields of cattle. We witnessed 2 of them on a jail break. They were running for their lives along the outside of the fence. We went through a border crossing that is not heavily used by tourists and so Garth (who was the first one up) got asked all of the hard questions and actually had to open up his side bags so that they could make sure he was not smuggling anything across. They found his fruit and confiscated his oranges ... damn ... he loves oranges! We took a break at the first town we rode into and had a coffee at "The Outpost".

The "Price is Right" was on the big screen TV so that entertained us for a bit. Upon leaving Garth spotted a truck selling vegetables so he bought a 6 lb bag of carrots. Really good Hutterite farm carrots. Every time we stopped to gas up or take a break ... out came the carrots ... "What's Up Doc"! The farther south we went the hotter it got.

Temperature reading on display was 36.5 at that time.

We ended the day at 2:30 in Havre (pronounced Have At Er ... but leave out the At) and it was 37 degrees. I don't ever remember having the sensation of sweat running down my shins before ... so gross! I stood under the shower for a very long time. We walked to downtown Havre and found a mexican restaurant and had some really great food for supper. Our waiter was a young man whose mom lives in Preston BC. He had just returned from a 3 week visit.
Tomorrow we head into the mountains and will experience one of the top 10 motorcycle rides in the world ... the "Going to the Sun Road" through Glacier National Park.
Will update you on that one later.
Hope this finds you all well. Take care. Please pass this email along.
Thanks, Denise

Day 1 Map Dryden, ON - Brandon, MB

Day 2 map Brandon, MB - Assiniboia SK

Day 3 Map Assiniboia, SK - Havre, MT
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