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Originally Posted by GuateRider View Post
I don't know how to explain it, but it was not the same . I was again impressed by its breathtaking beauty, but the magic of the first time was gone .
I remember reading Ted Simon's "Return to Jupiter" where he re-ride his trip, though some thirty years later, which filled me the idea that going back anywhere is a bit of a no-no. He seemed to be fairly well disappointed the whole time, though perhaps didn't say as much.

Makes me think too, I've been riding some really nice places recently and was thinking "Why is this not as good as the last few days...which weren't as beautiful but somehow I was really happy there and in I'm just....not. But shouldn't I be?" and so, what makes a good ride and a bad one, and does it really matter what you see or is there "something" else more important? And what is that, and how can I find it?

Or, even, is it's all just a big fat waste of time? (It's not...just kidding!)
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