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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
Actually, I'll probably attend for the goodie bag and see if the president of the club I used to belong to was serious when he asked me for some routing suggestions, a month ago. The Mystery Rider still knows the secret handshake for that group.

Meanwhile, I've got this daiquiri recipe that needs a little fine tuning, and this book about a civil war, a bullfight or two, some loose women, some tight escapes, and some bells ringing, needs an editor.

How about we go rogue and plan an Anit-Rally rally? Stick it to the man! Fight the good fight! Protest against group rides to restaurants! We could have a secret handshake and arm-wrestle to see who pays the tab at the Mera Madre!
MM, you read my mind; we'll be reverse snobs going on our own groovy little rides and eating breakfast out in the sticks. While they eat mass produced rubber pollo, we'll go to that Argie futbol player's place and eat lomo with Malbec. It will be grand.
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