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Originally Posted by rickypanecatyl View Post
I'd like to throw out my thoughts on bike price in the hope of changing enough peoples minds that manufacturers follow up with more bikes in the high quality reliable "niche."

Here in Malaysia where the per capita income is roughly 25% of what it is in America, people commonly pay over 10 grand US$ for a bike - I suppose that would be like Americans commonly spending over $40,000 for a bike. However at the same time it isn't financially irresponsible as we easily average 8X as many miles per bike as the average American. (Malaysians bikers are in absolute shock when I tell them about "craigslist" where you can offer find a DR400 8 years old with less than 10,000 miles on it!) Thus we only spend on average 50% of our total income on bikes.

There are not too many bikes in the WR250R category; a bike that the manufactures tried to make with reasonable quality (certainly not excellent) and yet at the same time reliable. KTM690 tried but failed miserably... the Husky

No doubt the KTM 500EXC is a much cooler bike than the WR250R. But consider the price difference. At present the KTM is aproximately 7X more expensive than the WR250R in "REAL" money. Reliable info is tough to get, but a pretty good guess would be on average you could make it 50,000 miles on a WR250R with the same amount of repair and maintenance you would spend after 10,000 miles on the KTM500.

Or in other words:

WR250R $7,000/50,000 miles or .14 cents per mile of ownership
KTM500EXC - $10,000/10,000 miles or 1 dollar per mile of ownership

The point of this post is not to debate how accurate my guestimates are, but just to encourage bike buyers to think this way before complaining about a bikes price. If my wishes came true KTM would put out a KTMEXC450 "reliable" that might be down on power 5%, up on weight 10 lbs, last as long as a WR250R and perhaps cost $15,000. It would still weigh much, much less than the WR250R and have much more power. That would make it cost 2X as much as the WRR and 3 1/2 times less than the normal EXC in real money.
I'm confident the technology is there to build such bikes but consumers have to understand the value of said bike before manufactures would risk building it.
Interesting analysis. THANKS rickypanecatyl. Cost is the main thing holding me back. I have the money, I just do not want to be stupid and immature in how money is spent. And why do some KTM owners (or former) turn into such ????

Typical KTM zealots here sound like some religious fanatics.

Quite amusing, or puzzling (what is missing in their life that they need to do that anonomously here???) the verbal abuse or put down thrown by KTM groupies here. Some fat wuss guy who does not even ride dirt nor owns a KTM posts all over this forum spewing all sort of *expert* bs Then these guys blaming the poor guy who paid so much then the fricken' motorcycle did not work! That sucks, makes KTM and the dealer look bad.

Yep, I went in and spent time getting a quote and looking over KTMs. They look FANTASTIC! But I do not think I want to spend that much, I have fun on a much less expensive motorcycle and like it fine.

Great if guys like their KTMs or Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki, whatever, glad you guys like your motorcycles. The aggro/ critical words thrown anonomously here by punks are uneeded- stop wasting you breath.
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