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If you are going to be doing a lot of riding with a passenger, a Goldwing is the ONLY way to go, other than a Harley ElectraGlide. I have never been able to carry a passenger on anything else for more than a few miles. But then I weigh 240 pounds by myself. My EX wife would not go near a motorcycle, but my youngest daughter loves to ride with me on the Goldwing. She and I combined almost meet the bikes max load capacity. We are over the load capacity of most other bikes. You can get a really nice 1500 Goldwing for $6500 and up. You can get early 1800s for $12000, but I prefer the 1500 for comfort, and since they were made for 12 years, parts are still pretty easy to find. But they are definitely NOT an off road bike, and if you are used to bikes like the KLR, it will feel like you are driving a 2 wheeled car (which you pretty much are)
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