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Originally Posted by crazybrit View Post
didn't you already post this once, like 7 posts ago

FWIW my 07 450 exc has been a fantastically reliable bike. I think I have close to 7000 all offroad miles on it at this point.

I don't mean to disagree with your use of "fantasically reliable" - it does mean a lot to be able to do 7,000 miles with out any problems. And I think most "Westerners" would be really happy with 7,000 trouble free miles on a dirt bike.

However most Asians and many Latins and Africans approach riding differently. The same bike you have fun on, you use to commute to work every day. I'm an American from Washington and at first I wouldn't have thought it was possible to have fun "racing" on CRF230L type bikes but the truth is, it can be pretty fun. They have enduro classes like that where all the competitors are "racing" on their daily rides. WE may end up with 7,000 purely off road miles in a year or two but 5X that many in street miles.

I don't want to belittle your experience of 7,000 trouble free dirt miles in any way but the realilty is:

1. 7,000 miles is not many miles.
2. "Dirt miles" are far easier on the engine than street miles (unless of course it's really dusty and you don't have a good filter. For the life of the engine that would probably equate to less than 3,500 freeway miles.

I'm not one of those Americans that when I come back home I tell everyone Asia, or Africa or whatever is better. But what I've learned in the world of riding from them is how "poorer" people economically who love to ride can still ride when bikes cost 2X as much. A common dual sport bike in Thailand is the 2 stroke Honda CRM 250. It easily averages 5X the longevity of the average EXC200. All the time I see them running with the clocks broken at 70+k km! And so guys avearaging 1/2 the income can still pay 2X the price for a bike and come out ahead.

The point of my earlier thread was hoping that some reading it would see the value in a bike like a KTM 450 EXC but that:
Weighed 10 lbs more
Was down 5 HP
Cost 50% MORE
BUT would last 10X as long!

I'm sure it's buildable if enough people wanted it! It'd be a great idea for long distance adventures, economic hard times as well as us 3rd world countries!
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