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Originally Posted by RockinTheRVA View Post
Thanks guys. We had a blast, and I'm glad to get a small taste of the ADV world. I definitely want to do longer trips in the future. California keeps coming to mind when contemplating destinations...but I'll take whatever I can get

@Josh - Funny thing about that is that he went out and bought a Honda 919 no more than a week after the trip. I offered him the 919 for the trip, and I'd suffer through riding the 600RR, but not having as many miles under the belt he wanted to take the Z. I was happy to have his company, so no complaints here!

**Does anyone have any suggestions for trips of similar length/excitement from VA? It is much easier to take 2-3 days off work than ask for a week at a time. That would leave me 5 to 5 1/2 days round trip for traveling. Let me know!
Nice report, and welcome to ADVrider! I live west of Lexington, VA and have ridden the BRP many times. My wife and I rode to Boone, NC in late August and froze our asses off on the way back - fog so thick all you could see was the center line, rain and mist, ZERO traffic = loads of fun! We were at Tuggles Gap on a Sunday afternoon and had the place completely to ourselves - it's normally jammed with bikes on an August weekend.

Like another poster said, West Virginia is just ferking AWESOME. If you head west from Richmond, get off the slab ASAP (maybe take the Skyline Drive north a ways, but there's a fee and DO NOT SPEED on that stretch), otherwise work your way over the Blue Ridge to Harrisonburg, then head out on Hwy 33 past Seneca Rocks, etc. and end up in Elkins, WV. Coming back you could head south on Hwy 219, then east on Hwy 250 to Staunton, back over the Blue Ridge to Richmond. If you've got an extra day head a little further south from Elkins, maybe detour up to Snowshoe Mountain (near Marlinton, WV), curl back down to Hot Springs, VA, then head for Lexington on Hwy 39. At Lex you can connect with Highway 60, over the Blue Ridge to Amherst, and home. There are a zillion miles of excellent roads just in that small area and if you slab it to Harrisonburg you can make some great time and save the daylight for the fun smaller roads. We found one road, I think it was Hwy 66 (Cass Highway?) in WV one day that was ferking incredible, high banked curves like a roller coaster! I asked my wife if she minded if I dialed it up a bit, SURE! she said, so we were rocking through there like idiots; I was a little concerned that she might be a bit scared, so I peeked in the mirror and she had her arms out to the sides like she was flying (I love that lady!).

Just look at a map - the roads that go generally east-west over the mountains will be twistier than the roads that parallel the mountains NE to SW, although those roads are a hoot too (Hwy 220 north of I-64 in western Virginia is awesome!). There's tons of camping too, in the national forest, Douthat State Park, Lake Moomaw, etc. all over the Alleghany and Blue Ridge mountains. The BRP is fun, but it's the cross roads that are the seriously exciting places to ride. If you see a sign like this, you know it's good :

There are also big yellow signs that say something like "Not Recommended for GPS Routing" or such, you know those are great too!

I lived in Wyoming for many years, so when I heard that there is a Wyoming town and County in West Virginia I looked it up. I've heard that Hwy 10 in that area is phenomenal (Princeton, WV to Wyoming and beyond), but so far I haven't had time to go check it out. From here I'd probably take I-64 to Beckley, WV then head SW on 16 and catch Hwy 10 that way. Check out the map, lots of delicious twisties out there! All I need is more time and money....

Great report, let me know if you guys are headed this way sometime and maybe I can sneak away and ride a bit with you!

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