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Originally Posted by LandsVW View Post
A little Google research has piston rings moving about 1 revolution per 1000 rpms, give or take. The 3 part oil ring probably moves as a unit (especially important to space them correctly), and all of them move relative to each other, so 'theoretically' my engine should smoke or not smoke just as much as it did before the timing chain broke the guide, LOL.

I do realize I'm doing this part sorta risky like, but that's ok, I'm aware of the risk and am willing to get it running first, then tear it down again if I need to.

oh yeah, here's my reference, LOL

When I was rebuilding 2 strokes 'back in the day' they had a pin in the ring groove, specifically designed so that the end of the ring didn't rotate around and get into either the exhaust or intake port (can't remember which one right now).

cam chain feels tight. I lightly burnished the timing chain tensioner shaft and with the new spring seems to be doing what it is supposed to do.

Tonight I might be able to finish the engine assembly - if all goes well...
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