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Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
Because you can use the trail braking to get you to the line you want to be on and be no where near the limits of adhesion or to use less lean angle, or make the ride really smooth.

If you frequently ride around on public roads with the bike pushing and sliding it's a matter of time until you get caught out.

Originally Posted by Andrew011 View Post
On public roads there is an element of possible surprise in the corner (wherever you can't see the road far enough ahead). I find it easier to react in these situations if trail braking, it is easier for me to tighten the turn if needed, to instantly slow down if needed, or to quickly change direction, because the front is partially loaded and the grip is already there.

I don't think of trail braking as "an invitation" or "green light" for faster entries in the corners. For me it is like a preemptive measure of giving some grip to the front, until I see the clear exit and roll on the throttle.

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