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Originally Posted by bobw View Post
I wanted to add my thanks for sharing your trip. It was a fantastic run and the family celebration was "icing on the cake" literally and figuratively. Your comments have me pondering that we went to different schools together

Forwarding a link to this RR to a couple of other old timers that keep their shovels alive and I know they will love reading this.

Cheers and Safe Travels

Thanks bobw

It was an awesome ride and making it to her b'day party was pretty great. I told her I would try, but no guarantees. She was pretty stoked that I made it.

We may well have gone to different schools together. Let me check my old pictures and see if I don't have any photos of you

That makes me think of the old school biker I met at the bike rally in Texas on the Buell trip. Somewhere during our drunken talking, hand shaking and occasional hug, he told me "We maat ave grawn ep thousands a maals apaat, but we'a frum the saym plais. Ya'll git waat am sain? (say it heavy on the Texas drawl)

Thanks for sharing with the OTHER old timers. (I do try to think of my bike as the old timer and that I am the young fellow riding her, though)
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