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Originally Posted by redprimo View Post
I have an '01 7.3l 4x4 that I ordered from the dealer because I wanted the manual trans. I've got 220k and the engine has been pretty reliable.

The clutch pedal was a bear from the factory. I was once stuck for 4 hours in bumper to bumper traffic and drove 4 moles in that 4 hours due to a snow closure. after about 3 hours I was having musscle spasms in my leg. As fate would have it my clutch went out a couple of days later and I finisnhed the trip with no clutch. when I had the clutch done the guy removed one of the two return springs on the clutch pedal and its been great.

Ford switched oil pump designs mid way durring the 99 model year. Might want to read up on that and see which you have.

These things are hard on ball joints and front rotors. also the front caliper pins tend to run dry and then cause it to pull to one side.

There are some great internet forums for 7.3L's and most of us that have em love more the more we drive em.
Idling in first gear with a couple hundred feet of cushion usually solves the traffic jam problem, or, if that didn't work, idling in low range 1st gear should. Back off... WAY off... and save the clutch
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