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Originally Posted by Grizzlybear View Post
Hey Max, I ordered up one of those Speed Mechant front sproket covers for my Scram because I liked the looks in the side-on pics. Alas, when it arrived I discovered it was disgustingly heavy so I refused to fit it. I have a personal rule that any replacement part must be lighter than the part replaced. I would shudder to think how much extra weight you have added with that finned timing cover knowing how thick the sprocket cover was in its cross section!

To be exact with the above comments, the original sprocket cover weighs .82kg and the Speed Merchant item weighed in at .77kg so I stuck with the MAS sproket cover previously fitted that weighs .2kg. Less weight=better acceleration and handling.

BTW, You bike looks sweet as an overall package!
Thanks Griz.
I don't recall my side covers being overly heavy at the time - it is cast aluminum right? And I did not weigh them.
But I agree with you, parts replacement should equal to or lighter than stock.
Thats hard to do here in ADV land. Racks, skidplates, guards, mounts etc all add up to make a bike heavy
And everybody adds that crap round here.

Now if I just had a motor like yours, for some real punch.
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