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Originally Posted by Sportdog View Post
Hey guys, I posted in the wrong section (orange crush) and should have came here.
Looking to buy a exc 500, but it seems nobody has had one of these things long enough to see how well this thing will hold up. Everyone talks about changing oil all the time and I understand the ktm manual calls for service more that any other type dualsport bike. I understand it takes less oil, so that would contribute. I see there's several for sale out there and a few on this site, but nobody has a lot of miles on them. I had a drz400 that was bullet proof, can the owners of these 500 say the same thing it just seems like their high maintence. I like the light weight, good handling and performance, but if the thing needs constant maintence, how do you ride the TAT or any other long (2-3k miles) at a time without worring about the thing gernading?
Anybody got some insight on this?
I have a DRZ 400 and a 500EXC, I wouldn't say its maintance is any worst then the DRZ, in fact I think the DRZ has given me more problems this summer then the 500 did. I have 1200 mile on it since August with zero issues. I'll probably sell the DRZ now, because the 500 is so much better.
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