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Originally Posted by laser17 View Post
Beta or GG 80's are not always easy to find when you want one. In good shape they go for surprisingly big bucks - GG's are $4700+ new! They are both capable little bikes, but are definitely revy little zingers. If you fit on them, then I say there not a bad choice. My buddy rides his sons GG80 up some impressive stuff. (but its hard to do)

I know you said no theory, but I was never any good at following directions:
If your small and have physical limitations that make kick starting a risky proposition, I would certainly take a look at the new OSET 20 coming out next spring. 100% electric (no Kick Starting!) and super light (80 lbs! with the stock batteries - with the potential to drop another 10 lbs using $$ batteries) I can tell you this - it will have PLENTY of power for 120lbs of rider on a full charge at a bike weigh of almost 1/2 a Beta 80!

that's absolutely all over my dreams....but just dream. that's far outside any budget I can justify for my hobby. but you bet i've thought about one long and hard!
i also wish we liked 2 other bikes mike has mentioned that he could add an electric start. I can't recall what they are, other than difficult to find.

I did ride a GG200 this weekend, and it started FARR easier than my TriXTer, with no kickback.
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