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All signs pointed to a Tacoma. I looked and looked, used prices in my area are ridiculous, dealers wont budge off MSRP on new ones. I was told at 3 dealers, if you wont pay MSRP the next guy will. They literally cant keep them on the lot. The tacomas are nice trucks but they are grossly under sprung in the rear, 2 leaves plus an overload. 12-13 went to a 4 leaf pack.

I looked at used tacomas with the package I wanted and it was around $28k-ish for a 35-40k mile one. I ended up buying the newer generation with 0 miles, extended warranty, and my choice of color for hundreds of dollars more

I was told by the dealers the same thing and wasn't going to buy one and then a coworker who had run into the same issue with 4runners told me about the costco buying thing and I did that. It made a huge difference. If I had bought a stripped down version it would have made less of a difference since there is so much mark-up in the packages/options. I ended up getting an off-road 4wd crew-cab model with I think literally every single extra option other than leather. It had all the stupid toyota extras like door sill guards and other stuff like that. Savings was $5k-ish over what the exact dealer had negotiated down to and they delivered it from 400 miles away. It was also better priced than the nissan by a couple grand and about even with the dakota that would be. Residual value was amazing after the initial savings. From 6 months of ownership point I could have sold it at a profit even with nothing down and a long loan term. 160k more miles and I can get a new one when the time's a part-time driver so it may be a very long time away

mine was made in california so manufacturing was a non-issue

the rear springs are lacking once I put a cap on. Rides nice and smooth but sags with a load more than I wanted but with a add-a-leaf as part of a lift its good to go without beating the driver to death

gas mpg or not I don't enjoy driving around a full-size truck day to day. Spent some time dirving around my buddies full size crew-cab and was over it.
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