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Originally Posted by Rider_WV View Post
i shopped for an 03-04 tacoma for months. Since the frame recall the damn things are made of gold. a 03-04 ext cab or double cab v6 4x4 with 170k miles on it are still bringing 16-18k around here. I never did find one with less than 120k on it. I just couldnt bring myself to buy a 9 year old truck with that many miles on it for that much money. They are very good trucks and 120k is relatively low on a 3.4 taco. My dad drives an 02 taco ext cab v6 auto with 280k miles on it(company truck). He averages about 21mpg with it.

I really wanted an 04 double cab, but they are the holy grail around here, most are around 20k if they are in great shape.
I saw plenty of first gen Tacos for sale at reasonable prices when we rode down the west coast this past spring. No rust over there and no shortage at all. In many places my wife and I agreed that there were more of them than any other truck- old or new.
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