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Originally Posted by Happy Wanderer View Post
Hey Ron, that "small fee" you are referring to is $50 at Telus.
There are local shops here in Vancouver that will do it for $20 to $30 bucks.

I am trying out the online un-locker suggested by juames which is $7.95 IF they succeed. Been down this road before with my last Telus phone with those guys and it looks like this might go the same way. They emailed for more info this morning and asking me to confirm the IMEI number again. Just like last time they need to "manually" calculate the code.

They could not unlock my last Telus phone and neither could the local hacks. I think the problem is Telus phones have two locks on them. A Samsung lock AND a Telus lock. Both need to be hacked to truly free your phone.
I know Apple iPhones from Rogers can be unlocked pretty easy as I know several folks here who have done that.
Wouldn't the TELUS lock on the Samsung go away if you put in a new SIM card? Or is it a frequency type setting on the phone that locks it on to the appropriate radio frequency range for the carrier (e.g.800 mHz, 1900 mHz, etc.)?
As for the iPhone, I haven't unlocked mine, but I wish I had before going to the UK this summer so I could have had a smartphone, fortunately we had a couple of cheap flip phones that we used over there. The lock on the iPhone tends to follow the agreement that the carrier has with Apple - e.g. you can get an unlocked phone from the Apple store for full price, but if you want one cheaper then it's subsidized by the carrier (and that you'll have to pay the subsidy back through your contract). Everyone slams the carriers for having locked iPhones, but I think if you look a little deeper it has to do with the way that Apple wants to control their products in the marketplace.
If I travelled in the States more often, then I'd buy a cheap pay as you go phone down there, as it is now, I am careful about my U.S. usage.
BTW - I suspect that most Canadian pay as you go phones won't roam because the higher rates charged for roaming would chew through your available time very quickly... plus the carriers have to offer some advantage to their monthly contracted customers.
Good luck!
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