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screwed up repair work

I was charged a big bill for a light valve job, lightly touching the seats and valves on a 1,300 original mile 850 Norton my show and garage queen. International Norton Rally 1st place winner.
Returned head from Raybor's with a butchered up valve job requiring Phil Radford the Norton GOD of Nortons requirting replacing valve seats, valves and valve guildes all that Raybor's destroyed.
Not only my money back after mentioning next step filing a Small Claimes" case if not refunding my money into my account. I had Phil Radford repair all damage done by Raybor's Honda mechanc, Raybor told me later his Honda mech didn't know a thing about valve jobs on Norton heads.
Hell Raybors forgot the intake valve seal on one cylinder, other cylinder had a stem seal installed.
What I call a basket case or a parts bikes Raybor's have at $3,900 a rusty pile of crap in boxes like one 750 Triumph.
Myself being too busy with a rally coming up farmed out my Norton head vs doing a valve job in my shop with my proper tools.
Lesson learned to keep on doing my own bike work and repairs like the past 40 plus years, quality control by me.

Your RD problem, hell yeah file a small claims case against this POS shop should he not refund your money, this also looks good for others to read and stay away from this said shop.
With Tom Cutter correcting the RD problems you have a good shop (Cutter's) backing your up in small claims.
I hope it was worth future repair job losses by others reading this and your RD repair.
Good luck don't give up, shops (some dirtbags around) should not be in business screwing people over plus not correcting.
With my case I refused to have Rabor's "try and correct their damage", no thanks. Radford yes.

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