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Originally Posted by Maggot12 View Post
It was pretty frustrating.. First time in my life I watched someone to do something of mine where I had no recourse.
Get used to it. If you're going to ride in Ontario you're going to get ass raped by the OPP on a regular basis, and you're right in the middle of their popular Red Zone. Wait until you start riding again in the Spring, when you'll be stopped three times in a week for a "document/equipment check".

Originally Posted by Patrol View Post
The O.Reg you are quoting pertains to cars, not bikes. The highway traffic act defines the seat on a motorcycle as a "saddle". This reg has nothing to do with bikes.
I wouldn't be surprised if you are a LEO, most are pretty clueless about the laws they used to fill their quota's.

Here's the actual HTA Section 172, which everyone that rides in Ontario will become familiar with on a personal level eventually. Has to be about the worst written, and becoming the most abused, section of the HTA.

Pertinent part:
6. Driving a motor vehicle while the driver is not sitting in the driverís seat.
Bikes are indeed motor vehicle's, and more riders standing on their pegs have been busted than actual street racer's under this bullshit law. Sure some MADD Libtard supporter wanted it in there to combat the plague of "ghostriding", but intent has never stopped some fuckstick from filling his quota.

My personal fav section of 172: Police services are specifically excluded from later civil action trying to recoup costs from bogus charges.
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