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Love it. Went in, but had to play around a bit with the parts to make it fit. I ordered a kit from DDM again, and it wasn't as good this time - last time (for an 1150 GSA) the kit was totally effortless, this time I had to cut some of the adapter to make it fit then adjust the headlights a bit... which took forever. The KLRE's headlights only come on with the motor running, so it idled a lot. Confirmed that the radiator fan works tonight, which gives me a warm and fuzzy. The fan's realllly quiet, which I love. Anyway, all's well with the lights now. I have another setup for the high beam, but I'm going to keep that incandescent since high beams are typically turned on and off more, which isn't great for HID.

I was looking at my centerstand shenanigans, and I may need to modify the plan of attack. I don't think the exhaust will support any more width around the right peg. I took a week off work starting today, so ZX project permitting, I'd like to finish the centerstand, get that skid plate done, and maybe go do a couple of day rides.

Some more goodies may come in the mail soon too.
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