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Originally Posted by frichtie View Post
I will see that movie. The trailer is working!

Now....I just read somewhere that....the Scrambler was assembled in Thailand!
TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE......please. Cause I recently sold my Transalp. And my R80G/SPD.
Have some serious projects like building a new house and a few other things...I will buying a new bike in 2 years. And I want it to be a Scrambler. But I'm not buying a Thaļ bike.

Careful Eric, where I come from that sort of comment has a bad name ..... My 06 was built in the UK but I don't nessassarily see it as a positive, I'm just happy with the way the bike performs.

ps: the British car industry in the 70's and 80's blows a hole in your theory about who makes quality motor vehicles
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