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Originally Posted by invicta1 View Post
Just happened upon this thread. I'm happy to see you're well, and will be riding again with warm weather.

Which brings up my questions. I'm in Uppsala on a visiting professorship at SLU, about done for now, but return again in May / June, and continuing to return for a few years. So, I need riding in Usspala area. And, my bikes in the USA. ADV biker scene in Uppsala? Bike rentals?

End hijack. Get well.

invicta one
HI, there are quite a few riders here and in Stockholm I reckon.. I haven't had a chance to bring my bike here due to the apartment I have at the moment. But I will move to a new place in January where I might have access to a locked garage..

Anyway, I know that there's a group of people that arrange meetings and rides here.. Just can't remember their name now. I am a member of a group (on facebook that is..) called "Adventureriders Sweden" which is a closed group, but if you wan't I can invite you to that group. That might open up a couple of possibilities for you to meet people.

Regarding rentals, I don't think there is such a thing anywhere around here.. Best case scenario might be a scooter in Stockholm.
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