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I stayed up late last night looking around for suitable tires and it looks like Shinko has a model that will work. It's called the SR241 tire. They have the tread pattern I'm looking for and they're reasonably priced. It looks like I can get both front and rear tires for less than $100.
I just got back from using the parts washer and bead blaster at my dad's house. I'll be out to paint the stuff this afternoon. I ordered a set of Daystar fork boots that are designed for minibikes that I'm hoping will work and look right on this bike. Once I get them the front of the bike can go back together.
I got the front fender all set up and mocked up on the bike. I'm really liking the way the bike looks as it comes together. It's almost exactly the way it looked in my mind's eye. I think the tires will add a lot to the look, too.

I'm planning to rubber mount the front fender to the stay using some rubber washers. I think the fender would eventually start to crack from the vibration if it was mounted rigidly. I'm waiting for a few more parts to show up before I can wrap up the front end. The fork boots that I mentioned in the last post, ans also a set of '71 SL350 headlight ears that I nabbed last night. They're the black painted ones with the holes up and down their length. I always really liked the look of these and I think the pair that I got has just the right amount of rust speckling and faded paint to match the weathered look of the rest of the bike. Whether or not they'll fit without modifications remains to be seen. The '71 SL had the same 33mm forks that the CB has, but I don't know if the distance between the upper and lower triple clamps is the same. Even if they don't fit perfectly, I'm confident that I can modify them to work.
Man, I'm having a lot of fun picking all of my favorite pieces and putting them together to make the "perfect" 350. I guess that what modifying motorcycles is all about. It's just a lot cooler when it's not yet another hideous chopper with skulls and "tribal ghost flames" and stuff.
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