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I spent some time this evening sitting in my shop, smoking a cigar, drinking some single malt scotch, and gazing at the 350. A few things occurred to me. First was an "oh crap" moment when I looked that the front fender and thought that the exhaust pipes might hit it where they come out of the cylinder head. I mocked them up and everything has plenty of clearance. Whew.
Another thing that I realized is that I should have painted the lower triple clamp and fender stay flat or semi-gloss black instead of the gloss black that I used. It looks out of place because every other black part on the bike is low-gloss. The paint that was once glossy has been subdued over the years and all the parts that I've painted black in the past are low-gloss. It won't be a big deal at all to pull it back out and spray a low-gloss coat over it, as the front end has to come back apart anyway to put the fork boots on.

I find myself needing a few parts. I need a countershaft sprocket cover that the clutch release mechanism goes in. It turns out that the SL uses a different cover. I also need the rubber bushings that hold the headlight ears onto the forks from a '71 SL350. There's a total of four of them. It's a one year part because the '70 uses different ears and the '72 got 35mm forks. I could probably make the CB350 ones that I have work, but I'd rather have the correct bushings. Anyone have any of these parts? Thanks.

Here are the front and rear brake stays and the outer swingarm brackets that I've been working on. The front brake stay has just been painted. It was originally chrome, but the speed holes are stock. I drilled the rear brake stay so the holes match the layout and size of the holes in the front stay.
For the swingarm brackets I cut off the rear portions that sere used to mount the exhaust pipes and passenger pegs. I reshaped the brackets to match the contours on the frame where the brackets mount. I don't plan on using the pegs and I won't need the exhaust mounts since I'm using the high pipes. Although the bike won't be quite as spartan as it was before, I'm planning to keep it as minimalist as I can.

I'll be picking up the fork boots later on today and my SL350 headlight ears arrived and look like they'll work with minimal mods. I should have the front end done in a few days.
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