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Well, progress has been a bit slow since my last post but I'm still plugging along. I'm mainly being held up by the fork boots. The original set that I ordered were Daystar "83" Series which were listed as fitting "all mini/ATVs with 30-40mm upper tubes and up to 9" of travel". They fit the forks well but were too long for the CB350. They were already getting bunched up when the forks were fully extended and looked crummy. I have other dirt bikes that they'll fit, so it's not a total waste. I'd really like to run fork boots because I like the way they look, but also because my fork tubes are pitted and nasty looking above the travel areas and I want the ugliness to be hidden. More on the forks later. I looked through the offerings from Daystar and ordered a set of "245" Series which are listed for "All PW-50s and Y-Zingers". I believe that the PW50 has 27mm fork tubes and the travel is quite short. I'm hoping that the boots will stretch to fit over the 33mm CB forks and I think the length of the boots will be much more inline with the CB forks. Hopefully they'll be here this week and I can give them a shot.
The other thing that I did to the forks was to buy a can of chrome spray paint and paint over the rusted areas between the triple clamps. I'm embarrassed to say that I actually used "Tijuana chrome" spray paint. I never thought that I'd stoop that low on one of my bikes. The fork tubes will show through the SL350 headlight ears, though, and I don't have the budget for a set of replacement fork tubes. The good news is that the SL ears showed up and they'll work with some minor mods. It looks like the distance between the clamps on the SL is slightly greater than on the CB, but I'll be able to make them work. Once I get the fork boots and get the front end all the way together I'll post some pics and a description of what I did to make them fit.
Here's the swell 36-tooth, aluminum, 520 sprocket that I got from Todd Henning Racing.

I would have preferred a steel sprocket, but I didn't have any luck finding one. I really want to run a 520 chain so that I can use an o-ring chain, but the sprocket choices are really limited. I guess that you can use SL350 sprockets on a CB wheel if you swap out the 10mm CB sprocket studs with the 12mm SL studs. The problem is that I wanted to keep the gearing somewhat highway friendly and I couldn't find any SL rear sprockets with less than 40 teeth and I can't find any SL350 front sprockets with more that 16 teeth. The gearing will be right where I want it the the 16/36 combo using the THR rear sprocket. Hopefully the aluminum doesn't wear too quickly. Since I don't plan on putting mega-miles on this bike, it should probably last a few years at least. Now hopefully I don't have any sprocket alignment issues of other difficulties and I can consider the chain/sprocket part of the project done. I'll probably mock it up tomorrow.
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