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I often ride my 2002 BMNWR1150RS on gravel and dirt roads, just ot get to where I am going nothing difficult. The best tire I have used is Shinko Ravens. They have deeper tread, and wider grooves. The center groove on the front might wander more on pavement grooves, but if you get on gravel or even easy wet dirt, it steers better. And they are cheap. Stick well on pavement and rain, and last a long time. Just remember, they have very slick mold release, it takes over 100 miles to scrub one in.

I love them, on my third set and the 4th is in the garage. I have touched foot pegs, once on a damp day even, road was dry but just after a rain there were some damp spots. I have been in what we call Frog drownwers, no issue. They are great.

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