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Originally Posted by higworld View Post
I apologize. I should have tapped someone on the shoulder two weeks ago when I was the "RTE Picker". Now we are pick-less. So let me throw this out there ... Dots Back Inn at 11:30 this Friday, for those still in town. North side, in the Bellevue neighborhood on MacArthur Avenue. Fills up quickly, but we should be OK at 11:30.

What say ye?
I'd say possible, but I have lots to do Friday.

1. Go to DMV and update my address on my license, vehicle registrations and my voter registration.
2. Find relative with a pickup truck so that I can get all the garbage left over from moving to get that side of my garage back. I expect it to take two trips.
3.Replace the defective speedodrd installed on my WR. one of the LEDs failed making it impossible to reset the correction factor after having disconnected the battery. After an email to their support, they are sending a new one. Good customer service.
4. There is something else but I cannot remember what. I'm sure it was something with the house or garage.

What kind of food does Dots serve?
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