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Originally Posted by B DIRT View Post
I have a set of 450R forks from I think an 03-04 but the axles are different sizes so you then run into the speedo drive, and front wheel not working although thats easy remedy.
B Dirt, could you measure the two forks you have there in your possession? Give us a measurement from the very top of both forks at the cap threads all the way down to the center of the axles. This would tell us how much the front end/head angle might be affected in regards to handling. In most cases of fork swaps being discussed here, the whole triple clamp assembly has to be used, as the OEM triple clamps are not usually compatible with the usually bigger, replacement fork. On the speedo and instrument panel issue, it is often easier and better to just go to a Trailtech Vapor style instrument panel for a price of just over $100. These panels usually have more and better data anyway and are often superior to the OEM stuff. This allows you to use the better front wheel assembly that comes with the bigger/better fork. An entire front fork swap isn't what most folks are willing to undertake, but they can almost always yield a way superior result.

On the rear shock, that Race Tech shock looks very good. However, I wish they'd apply a remote reservoir with a hose type setup that would allow one to mount that reservoir in a convenient place. While much improved, there's something to gained by having a reservoir system as far as tuning and even long term reliability are concerned. Some companies offer remote reservoir shocks. I used a top drawer Works Performance shock on two KLR600/650's some years ago that had a remote reservoir. I mounted the reservoir in a convenient place, and it worked wonders for the piggy KLR. A remote reservoir shock with the Honda is probably very doable.
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