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Originally Posted by DirtyDog View Post
Of course I don't know the intimate details, but with just a cursory read of the posts above, it appears the permit is now an annual one vs a term one (month).

100% increase is better than 12x the price, isn't it?

Now for my question... Why does this thread need to be stickied?
I'm fairly sure that the $8 deal was an annual thing. I've been riding a plated bike, however, so I'm only going by my riding buddies' feedback on price and time application. I also haven't ridden any of Texas' OHV areas. I ride out at Texana Ranch where the Ross Creek Trail Riders reside and where we have the Concho Enduro on the Texas enduro circuit. The only other place I ride in Texas is in the Big Bend area, and you have to have a plated bike to ride the state park, national park, and Terlingua area. I go to Colorado and Utah with some regularity for long periods, and they're trying to go the way of OHV stickers for all vehicles using what used to be our free public lands. And I'm not bringing up that last issue for some kind of pro and con debate.

Why does this thread need to be stickied? Yeah...that's a reasonable question too.
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