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Bien Oui! Now I recall. You had me going there. Good one!

Well the UK phone unlocers have failed again and will be refunding my fee again. Just like the last time I tried to get them to unlock a Telus phone. They suggest using the provider (damned if I am going to hand over another $50 to Telus unless I have to!!) or trying out a local hacker who do this using a direct USB connection to the phone. I know just such a place so we'll see how he does with this one. He failed the last time too!

Why Telus does this to their customers is beyond me. I've never seen a company go so far out of their way to rip off and alienate customers. This is the same Telus that bragged to their shareholders that they round up air time charges to the minute and do not charge by the second as some providers do. Why? To gouge the customer! Why else? So when you go to the States and make a one minute call to say "I'm fine" if the call is one minute and one second long they charge you two minutes. Which right now is $2.90 plus roaming and taxes!
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