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the oil scene

I had been posting a bit to field ideas about how to unstick this thing. It had the bore soaking in penetrating oil for weeks with NO help at all.
Olive oil was suggested as the medium. I was told that hot oil poured into the chamber would do the trick.

Let me again mention the circumstances with this motor...
This bike had sat in the rain in a field for more than 15 years with the carb off. It was basicly "fused" with corrosion.

The suggestion was that as the oil's heat transfered to the parts, I'd here a click or a "snap" as it expanded and unstuck. I never heard a click.
After the application of hot oil I began to beat the sucker again as seen in the driveway. It was not until I gave it "all I got" that it gave way. 30+ whacks well defined wasn't enough. I had to wail on it.

I'd have to think that a lesser fused item would break loose with the hot oil method. How hot was the oil?
I had it at flash point. Very dangerous!
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gave me the idea...

A block of wood was no good.
during the heavy hitting a 6"X2" nipple, a 2" cap and coupler were utilized to better meet up with the top of the piston.
You can see the deformed cap which resulted from hard hits!

Hope that answers your Q...let me know if not...
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