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Originally Posted by ramz View Post
Here are some measurements of the CRF250L and CRF250X forks. I used an inch tape for some measurements, but converted everything to mm. I'm trying to track down the bearing sizes.

The fork tube OD measurements are of the clamping surfaces, just below each bridge.
LOL!...I'm not at all surprised that you're digging into this. Hey...not arguing with your measurements by any means, but do those triple clamp measurements on the 250X forks seem small compared to the 250L? How big are the lower fork stanchions on the X fork you measured? I'm guessing 47mm is the norm on the 250X stanchions and 43mm for the 250L model. I guess the uppers are beefy enough that they don't have to that much bigger in overall diameter to handle the 47mm stanchions. That's going to make it more convenient that the upper and lower steering stem bearings are identical, isn't it. You know...I'm a little impressed that the overall fork lengths are within 14mm of each other considering the difference in travel of about 3.7". That 14mm could easily disappear in sag, so I wouldn't expect a "tall" or weird head angle issue at static or normal riding position. However, I'm wondering about dive and skidplate clearance at full travel and just near full travel. Interesting stuff.
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