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Originally Posted by gtbensley View Post
Thank you for the response.

The wobble is there when he rides with both hands on the bars, it can be while he accelerates, holds a steady speed or starts to slow. Yes there is a lot of crap on the bike and that's what I figured was causing it initially. We removed all the gear though and it's still there.

We have already set the tire pressure to what you suggest as we'll as looking for flat spots on the tire. Sag is all the way up.....but there is still probably more like 42mm of sag.

Lose head bearing maybe? What about raising the foks 1-2mm to see if that changes anything? We will be in San Diego until Friday morning and hope to solve it by then.
When I encountered similar symptoms on my '94, it was a similar situation: I was loaded for a trip when I first noticed it, but could make it happen even after unloading. Adding pre-load (stock shock) helped, as did unloading the bike. What finally resolved the problem was replacing the steering head bearings.

After removing the bearings from the bike, I re-assembled them in my hands, and could feel the slight notch in each one. While they were on the bike however, I could feel nothing but smooth operation.

As above, start with the easy stuff first, but I believe that your primary suspect should be steering-head bearings. They're cheap and easy to replace, provided you have the right tools and something to support the bike with while you've got the front end off. I've still got the special socket for the nut, and the pin-spanner wrenches; if they're required on your 2000, you're welcome to the use of them. I'd offer work-space here in Morro Bay, but I don't even have a driveway anymore.

Good luck with it, and tell us how it goes!
I'll get back in the saddle again if it kills me...
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