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Hi Guys,

I was a LONG time lurker and used a lot of info from ADVRIDER when I built my full custom SV650 (7 different OEM makes parts it when I finished/gave up her up at a fun raffle.

Adam sent a link, hope you don't mind me chiming in.

Devans101 - she was dropped off at the post office at 7 am. ENJOY!

I created a discount for ADV, see my signature.

In addition to show my appreciation for the kind words I set up "ADV1ST3433" code also. First three to use it knocks $17 off the OMNI-CRUISE. One per person, only valid 3 total uses... good luck.

The ADVLK44 will stay up indefinitely, but please don't share it outside of ADVRIDER. It is limited to 3 per person. Canadian riders welcome at no additional charge for shipping or filing fee.

Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.

Website is only a week old and has a LOT more heading its way.

Thanks again guys!

p.s. devans101: take good care of yours since you'll be giving it away to someone when I send you a "special" one in a few months for being the brave first from ADVRIDER!
Brian Carmicheal
OMNI-CRUISE: Control Your RIDE (by WOT Designs) ADVRider discount is 12% off. PM ME FOR THE CODE
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