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Originally Posted by doc moses View Post
let's read that again, it might not be clear enough. If a guy writes that he has several K-bikes, it might be that he is joking about the less enjoyable characteristics of the bike; and that he really likes his K-bikes. That would also explain why the guy (me) said don't try and buy a K-bike, because it was implied (but not strongy enough evidently) that I was looking for the bike I said to stay away from. That would make it less expensive for me to pick up. K1100s are harder to find at a nice price that the k100, and I am planning on adding an 1100 to my garage collection.

Fact is I understand that if a person has not ridden older bikes, the K does feel a little weird. The rear shock has very limited travel and the forks (even the S forks) need a cartridge emulator to keep the wheels on the ground. The single piston brake calipers are scary compared to modern brakes. And the bias tires can make life interesting at speed if a rider is used to modern radials.

But, if you realize (as I do) that the bike is 20 years old and if you can appreciate it for being a really cool 20 year old bike (as I do) then you can ride the bike alot (I do) and enjoy it.

My bad dude. Sometimes I find it hard to get tonal inflections, true meanings, and sarcasm from Internet posts!
Guess if I'd thought about it more I coulda figured it out. But who has time for all that?

Ride on my man.
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