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Biker Stories from the Road August 29, 2012

Today warrants an update all by itself ... what a day!
We started off from Havre in a hazy kind of morning. As we started down highway 2 it became very apparent that it was really really windy! Mother Nature was pissed at someone and she was taking it out on us! It was also alot cooler and Garth commented that a cold front was going through .. we had a beautiful clear blue sky and the wind coming from the northwest was a-howling. For the first while the wind was hitting us on the right. We stopped for a break in Chester MT at Spud's Cafe. Then our direction switched so that the wind was hitting us on the left. We stopped for gas and after swearing and cursing the wind I asked Jim if we were going to experience this wind in the mountains (like I could do anything about that or do anything different) and I was assured that we would not.

It was so windy we really never got and pictures. It was hold on to the handle bars and focus on the drive.

Highway heading to St Mary Lk

Our next destination was St Mary's Lake which is at the eastern entrance to Glacier National Park and the "Going to the Sun Road".

Once we got into the foothills of the mountains (which belong to the Rocky Mountain range) the wind was much more manageable. At St Mary's Lake we stopped at the Park Cafe.

It is a little local cafe with half a dozen tables and a constant line-up. So Garth added his name to the wait list and we headed down the road to the t-shirt store. After a 25 minute wait we got in. Their specialty is pie and Garth and Jim have taste tested the pie once before. I had a piece of coconut cream pie and it was delish! GW had pecan, Jim had banana cream and Cindy had razzle-berry (bumbleberry in Canada).

Park Café is rated as one of the top Road Food spots in the west

Once we were fed and watered we headed into the park, $12 per motorcycle, and the 50 mile trip which takes you over Logan's Pass at 6,648 feet in elevation.
Park Entrance pic

This "Going to the Sun Road" was dedicated in 1933. There is a rock wall which lines most of the road and was definitely laid by hand back in the 30's. It is quite amazing. We stopped at the top of Logan's Pass to visit the gift shop. Garth and Jim were on the hunt for stickers for their saddle bags.

We met many motorcycles and I almost had an incident in front of a group of them in the gift shop parking lot. I said to Garth "oh thank god that didn't turn out bad in front of those biker bitches", haha! Now we headed down the other side of the mountain range and this is where the scenery really becomes breath-taking ... and there are gaukers who probably cannot drive properly on straight stretches and here we are with them on the narrow, windy roads on the side of a mountain, yikes ... and there is also road construction, who'd a guessed!

Thank goodness we didn't have to stop on some precarious slope while we waited the half hour for the road construction. Good thing I did all that slow driving practice before we left because it really came in handy today as we crept along behind the lineup of cars and trucks.

One thing you see alot of on this road is tourist buses and they are full of grey hairs ... why you might ask ... because the park has a length limit on vehicles so it eliminates all of the monstrous RV's that grey hairs love to motor in across the great USA and thank god for that because this road was not built with them in mind! We stopped for some great photo-ops and oh yes a carrot munching break as well.

Anyone recognize the dude photo bombing the picture? He was on a KLR and it was mid afternoon on August 29, 2012

It was now coming to that part of the day when it is time to think about where we would be resting our heads that night. I think that Garth was looking forward to camping in the park but the memory of our August long-weekend motorcycle ride into Minnesota where we ran out of options and ended up camping in a very secluded campground with no food, no water starring at our neighbour campers as they roasted hot dogs and drank beer is still just to fresh to allow that to happen again, haha! So we motored out the western entrance of the park and found great accommodations at the Hill Top Motor Inn in Kalispell MT.

They even have a laundry service, a grocery store with beer nearby, and a Papa John's Pizza shop ... yahoo!
We finished our wonderful day sitting outside eating pizza, enjoying a cold beer watching the world go by.

Tomorrow we head back into Canada via Creston BC and a loop of Kootney Lake!
Until later ... take care all. Please pass this along.
Thanks, Denise

Day 4 Map Havre, MT - Kalispell, MT
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