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El Capitan,

Thanks for your comments. Did you just raise the rear only with raising links and stiffer spring or did you modify the front forks as well with a spring change ?
All of the threads I have read seem to be rather complicated fork retrofits requiring quite a bit of fine tuning to get the handling back , which is beyond my knowledge/skills.

I am looking for more of a straight forward solution, something that I can do with a few component changes to simply raise the bike and improve the suspension. Can you provide any more details on what you did exactly ? Where did you get the raising links ?

today I went back and looked at a local XR600L again and I do think I can make that bike fit. It has a compact seating position with bars really close but I am comfortable flat footing that bike. I think I could replace the bars/risers and seat and get a reasonable fit on the honda. I looked closely at the footpegs and I think I could lower the pegs a good inch or so without beling below the frame. It would require some welding but that is low tech compared to trying to sort out handling if I get into major suspension mods on a DR.

Tough to decide which is a better platform to start with.
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