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TN TAT Part 1 Easter 2008:I wrote about some of my early exploring on the "Badass Ride" thread I rode a '71 CL100 all over the local roads, a bunch of the MS TAT and finally I was going to knock off a bit of TN in preperation for a full trip.

I packed up the bike on a Wednesday, rode it to my sister's house loaded it in a truck and drove my father home to Savannah,


My ride west wasn't without its difficulties but it started out nice enough. I have always loved these old wooden bridges.

But there was trouble in paradise, an exhaust stud had pulled and the pipe kept pulling away from the head. Also oil was beginning to appear on the head and cylinder.

Hmm. You mean that bungee cord isn't as good as a stud and nut? Where is that oil coming from?

It still looks good from way over here.

I really was riding it.

That's odd, every time I stop there's more oil.

Time to get some beer.

But then it all came to a slow, powerless halt. I was in a construction zone so I coasted off the road into someone's driveway and behind a barier and the tools came out. At least I was prepared.

I took it apart a little to verify that the valve train is working but it has no compression.

So I talk to my wife who will drive a hundred miles to come get me.

I drink that beer and wait and wait.

And finally the cavaly arrived. My wife was thirlled at getting to leave work two hours early.

But it's not so bad right? A little JB weld and I could have been back on the road.
Your cycle had a bell on it.

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