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Originally Posted by Reshad View Post
Sorry to bring up this painful set of pics, but I believe I'm developing the same problem, albeit at an early stage, hearing clutch noises and feeling vibration in my bike. I removed the clutch cover, no apparent damage praise the lord, but found my clutch cage and has in/out and sideways play. I'm guessing either my primary shaft bearing, bearing seat or shaft itself are worn and would like to remove the clutch cage to better assess the situation. Unfortunately I don't have the special tool (Gear segment 75029081000) to block the clutch and remove the inner clutch hub nut :/ I read somewhere in SMJ that if you put the bike in gear and apply the brakes the nut can be undone. I tried this with the help of a friend but we were unable to make it budge (Lock-washer unlocked). Also tried the cloth wedge between the gears trick and while it effectively stops the clutch from turning, the nut simply won't budge. Seems like either KTM put on permanent thread-locker or torqued it like a bastard, or both. The prescribed torque is 100 Nm (73.8 lbs ft) but with a 1 foot long wrench i can put my entire weight (145 lbs) on it without any effect i.e. an effective 200 Nm torque. Is this normal in your opinion? Next logical step to me is to heat up the nut a bit and try again... Any recommendations on how to proceed?
you need more leverage or an impact gun. Try a socket and breaker bar and if that doesn't work find a pipe for more leverage. Good luck!
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