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Hey Guys, I did just did interstate trip on my 2006 KLR to my parents house 180 miles each way on flat straight I-10 and I hot reserve at 155 miles on the way there and on the way back. I went 70-75 mph with panniers with less than 30-40 lbs of stuff. It seems like I should be able to do this drive on one tank. At each fill up I traveled about 155 miles and put 4.8 gallons in = 32 MPG.

What should I check or tweak? I have no real mods other than the doohickey, tall windshield, and side cases (mermite cans).

Thanks for any advice or tips
Worst I have ever got (with panniers etc) was 32 - into a 50-60mph head- wind in northen MT. Best, 58mpg with a tail wind up through AL. Usual is about 46. At one time I tried all the jets and needles and all it did was use more gas. Returned the bike to stock a few years ago..
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