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I have a KLR650, a Vstrom 1k, and until about 2 months ago a BMW R1200GS Adventure. I have ridden to Alaska, West coast, Mexico, and this year to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I love my KLR, but fully loaded with gear to camp for several days the KLR is not the right tool to ride 77 mph for a 700 + mile day. BTW mine is about as trick as you can make one. I have upgraded suspension, a motor built by a Pro motor builder, a larger then stock tank and nearly all the tricks you can put on one. I rode the Cont Divide trail Solo, and all over Colorado on it for a week.

The KLR650 is not a great highway bike, dont care who you are or how flat it is where you ride. Another BTW, hopefully in 5-6 years when the last Son gets out of college I plan to ride round the world and it likely will be on a KLR. A great bike but not a great highway bike. Mine has just shy of 50k miles on it too...

Now what makes you think it is capable of a reall 77mph on the highway for an all day ride???
By all means express your own opinion of whatever bike you choose to ride. But to state that a particular bike ( be it a KLR or any other) is catagorically 'not capable' is an opinion and not an accurate reflection of what the machine is capable of.

Now , as to what makes me personally think a KLR is capable of a real '77'mph on the highway, the answer is simple. Because it is my choice of a ride, fully loaded with camping gear too and has been for tens of thousands of miles and many 800 mile plus days at those speeds. The speeds and distances covered and viewed (Both odo and calibrated cycle computer that have been verified with a GPS) have indicated that and for me is now more comfortable than my Beemer for most long rides I do.

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