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Originally Posted by srad600 View Post
I feel bad for Webber, his teammate started LASTů twice and came through to finish higher than him, that has GOT to demoralize a man.
Not really. Gary Anderson (former F1 car designer and the BBC's technical guru this season) pointed out that the Red Bull strategy was changed from their usual downforce and gearing settings on Vettel's car.

Webber retained the normal Red Bull set-up, shorter gearing and higher downforce to maximise acceleration out of the corners, sacrificing top speed in the process.

The Red Bull default is to get to the front, sprint away to break the one-second DRS opportunity, sacrificing top speed in the process (it works for them).

As Vettel had to start from the Pit Lane, he needed speed to make lots of overtakes so his gearing was taller and the car had lower drag.

Webber might therefore be more concerned that Vettel has shown the Red Bull default to be less effective than they believed. Had Webber been given the same set-up, he might not have had to make so many speculative (and damaging) lunges in the one place that his lack of top speed didn't count.
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