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Hey there, and welcome! I'm on my third KLR. My humblest of comments below:
Originally Posted by Apocalypso View Post
Lurked awhile, now leaping.

Never had a KLR650 before. 2006 with an aftermarket seat and exhaust, heated grips, great deal, quite pleased and using it regularly. Know both POs, tracking down jet and doohickey data. I'm 6'1", 200#, and my fiancee likes two up on it.

Can the sages here tell me:
What size fasteners should I carry to replace those most commonly lost to vibration? Mine loses weight with every ride. "loses weight" . Can't be positive at the moment, but I think I carry M6 (and Loctite) in various lengths, IIRC
Dry, dusty climate, hot and cold. What do you use for chain lube, and how often? Just my take: Not so much the lube as how often you clean/lube it (that's what she said). For me, very dusty/sandy, maybe every ride. Street-only, maybe every fuel-up.
For those KLR owners who wind up with a second complementary bike in the stable, what is yours? Mine's my only ride. Its all what you're into/able to afford. Me, I don't care about quick acceleration from 70 to 85, so the KLR is great. I had a 2-bike stable last year (ST1100/DR350) and came back to a KLR again . I rode my last one to FL two summers ago, split into 2 days; 400 and 900 miles. Also did my Saddlesore 1000 on it. And I'm off to New Orleans this coming summer. Fantastic, capable motorcycles, if not "sport-tourer fast."
Tire faves? Kenda 80/20 street/dirt on now, seem fine. Tire pressures? I have no tire comments . 100% preference/riding type. I use Shinko 705's most of the time, and Kenda Trakmasters for my (infrequent) mostly of-road trips. The K270's it sounds like you're running are a widely popular tire.
Gas: Cheap 85/86 octane OK at 7000 ASL? Runs fine with it. MPG and conditions? 87 all the time for me. Higher if the pinging is particularly annoying that day. Repeatable 55mpg, but I have stock everything.
Soft tank and rear pannier types, sources, MacGyver methods? Wolfman makes my favorite tank bag. Panniers are somewhat preference, but I like the pelican-ish style. Had Seahorse 720's on my last KLR, and I'm giving these a try this winter when I have time to MacGuyver a rack.

Also, visit a KLR-specific forum for thousands of like-minded folks. There's some real guru's out there.

Thank you all in advance.
- Jonathan
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