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Originally Posted by Mini Trail View Post
My coil connectors were fine and I was dissapointed.

I pulled the injector but I have never messed with one on a bike before. I don't know how much fuel should come out on startup. When I turn on the key the fuel line going to the injector "chubbed up" so I figured the fuel pump is building pressure. I listened carefully to it though and it seems a bit noisy.

Cranking the bike with the throttle closed produced a light mist, I just don't know how much it should be. I do know that a bosch CIS system that just pees fuel all the time would produce a wetter output at the injector.

I had very similar issues with my 09. I went thru everything you are, new fuel filter, new injector, new pressure regulator(that one was my fault). Spent hours screwing with it. In the end it was a faulty throttle position sensor. 100 bucks fixed everything. I hate to say it but bring it to a dealer and have them plug it in to the bazillion dollar ktm computer. In a couple minutes they will let you know if its a computer/electrical issue.

good luck with it.
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