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Thanks for the tips on smoothing out modern CI. I have a 12" Lodge that is about 10 years old. The cooking surface is very rough and never gets really non stick. I'm going to smooth that sucker out.

I have a vintage Griswold #6 (699B) that I got on ebay for pretty cheap several years back. The bigger pans, 10-14", are VERY expensive on ebay. This pan is a bit smaller, so I got it cheap. It turned out to be a bit smaller than I pictured in my mind when I bid on it. I was worried at first that it was too small. But it has turned out to be my favorite pan.

It's surface is smooth as glass. It's a bit lighter due to being smaller. It turns out that the size is perfect for a medium strip + 1 small tenderloin steak - which feeds my wife and me. It's also perfect for a 2 egg omelet. I hardly use my big Lodge anymore. I only use that for doing two huge ribeyes or a whole mess of bacon. I'll also bake chicago deep dish pizza in it.
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