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Originally Posted by Apocalypso View Post
Lurked awhile, now leaping.

Never had a KLR650 before. 2006 with an aftermarket seat and exhaust, heated grips, great deal, quite pleased and using it regularly. Know both POs, tracking down jet and doohickey data. I'm 6'1", 200#, and my fiancee likes two up on it.

Can the sages here tell me:
What size fasteners should I carry to replace those most commonly lost to vibration? Mine loses weight with every ride.
Dry, dusty climate, hot and cold. What do you use for chain lube, and how often?
For those KLR owners who wind up with a second complementary bike in the stable, what is yours?
Tire faves? Kenda 80/20 street/dirt on now, seem fine. Tire pressures?
Gas: Cheap 85/86 octane OK at 7000 ASL? Runs fine with it. MPG and conditions?
Soft tank and rear pannier types, sources, MacGyver methods?

Thank you all in advance.
Properly fastened fasteners will not fall off. That said every bike has problem fasteners and the KLR is no different. Two that are most common...header flange bolts and footpeg mount bolts. Header flange will be fine if you do the following. INstall new gasket and tq to 15lbs. Run a couple heat cycles then retorque to 15lbs. Footpeg bolts....very poor design but without cutting/welding I safety wire both bolts. Do not over tighten!

I stopped using chain lube many many years ago. My KLR's get about 15-20K miles on a set. I do keep the chain clean. If you live in a wet environment get a chain thats plated and maybe spray some wax on it on occasion.

I have several bikes all pretty much cover different aspects of riding i.e. cruiser, track bike, motard etc.

I've found the Shinko 705's to be pretty complimentary to the KLR. Neither is offroad but do fine in DS territory and most important for any KLR owner....Cheap!

Cheap gas in all weather except dead of summer here in Az. KLR engines can ping in hot weather and not good for any engine. Stock carb you should see mid/upper 40's MPG in mixed riding. I rejetted with KLX needle kit and leaner main jet and get far better response and still avg 48-52mpg pretty consistently. DynoJet kits go way way way way way way too rich. Stock main jet is actually too rich but Kawi had to with such a lean EPA mandated midrange jetting.

I like soft bags for Panniers. Favorites being Ortlieb and Wolfman.

For two up I added the rear backrest from I can give more feedback on that accessory if you're interested. Best upgrades for the KLR....good maintenance (lube that rear suspension!), new doo, KLX needle kit and upgraded suspension. Getting sag correct, especially 2up, is very important.
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