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Originally Posted by sh1bby69 View Post
Just found this thread and it's awesome! How up to date are the listings?
The map and its embedded index is rarely more than a week or two behind - usually less. You can always see the date it was generated by opening the map and looking at the top of the data window on the left. As I type this it says "5Nov2012" because I updated it today.

The data that is used in the map is taken from the signup thread. Well over 90% of those entries have been checked and confirmed in recent months. Thanks to the system Jamie has put together and the efforts of his team of volunteers, that number is likely to approach and hover near 100% on into the future.

Adds, changes, deletions and confirmations of offers are all current and reflected in the map as of the date the map is generated - though each entry is dependent on the original inmate making the offer. If they don't check their PM's, or move without updating their offer, or whatever, the map can't really reflect that until the next time the offer is confirmed - which should be at least annually.

So to answer your question, the listings are VERY up to date. Glad you like the thread!
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